Rodi Calipar awarded Green Card from Robertson Construction

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January 6, 2021

The team at Goldstar Cleaning Services are proud that Rodi Calipar has been awarded a Green Card from Robertson Construction in recognition of her positive attitude and contribution to health and safety on the construction site of the new Milltimber School.

Rodi was nominated by the entire site team as the clear winner of the monthly award, which can be given to anyone working on the construction site at Oldfold Farm.

Rodi said she was delighted to receive the award. She has worked for Goldstar since losing her job as a chef due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

She said: “I find cleaning very relaxing and love doing my job. I am so happy to be recognised in this way.”

The Green Card states: “It is a pleasure to work with Rodi who is extremely dedicated, hard working and has a great positive attitude.”

Goldstar Director Scott Willox said: “This is a huge achievement as this award is given to staff with an impeccable work record. Thank you to Robertson and well done to Rodi.”

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